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Bookmate OSX is your complete easy to use online booking system and marketing system for your restaurant. Our web and app booking, CRM, SMS and Email Marketing tools and customer database management are built to optimise your daily operations.

Quick Setup & Access

Easy to use, time-saving, web-based restaurant booking system platform. No software to install.

Manage your bookings

Tailored for your business and given the freedom to control and manage your bookings with automated and customise functionality tailored for your own specifications.

Tech Advantage

Take advantage of our secure platform that we built with the latest cutting-edge, industry-leading technology tools.

Fast Support

We provide onsite training and on-going online support to help you run and manage your restaurant without interruptions.

Full featured and no complex pricing

Bookmate OSX is a powerful and easy to use online booking system. The pricing structure is simple for restaurants owners and startup restuarants. There are no per cover fees, unlimited clients bookings and you receive unlimited local support at no extra cost.

Booking through your website and our online directory are easy with Bookmate OSX. Your customers see live table availability 24hrs a day, book in a few clicks, and receive automatic SMS and Email confirmations. Plus it takes seconds to access and manage.

Analytics for Restaurants

Powerful restaurant analytics with reports you can rely on to make business decisions.

Increasingly, successful restaurants are making decisions based on data. Detailed information about customer dining patterns and revenue is used to feed into marketing campaigns, booking details and customer data. Tech providers, like Bookmate OSX, help restaurants leverage their data to connect all parts of their operations.

Starting at $150 per month. Fixed fee. No penalties.

No cover charges or hidden fees, we sure know that we are Australia's best and most affordable booking system for restaurants and pubs.


Bookmate OSX is easy to add to your website and it looks great. Seamlessly integration that works well with your website interface. Bookmate OSX online booking works great with WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix and even custom websites.

Build your own customers

With our CRM system comes in standard, you will have the opportunity to take control and advantage of your guest's data and build your own customer database within the Bookmate OSX System.

Online booking system for your restaurant

If you’re close to giving up on finding online booking system which will work precisely as you need, you've finally found the right booking system!

Bookmate OSX is an online booking system which can be used by any restaurant taking bookings: for days, nights, hours or minutes, or even customised to the desired time.

  • Customers can book directly into your Calendar with a Book Now button
  • Accept online bookings automatically or accept/decline them as they come in
  • Sends automatic notifications to both parties when online bookings are added

Why Restaurants Choose Us

Join the rest of the restaurants that use our Bookmate OSX.

Bookmate OSX connects seamlessly with the software and solutions tailored to your business. Here are just a few examples.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

There are no fees for setup. Your restaurant only pays a fixed monthly fee. Our fees are the lowest in the industry. Streamline your operations and start using our Bookmate OSX Booking System.



  • + Booking System
  • + CRM with Customer Data Collection
  • + Email Notification
  • + Unlimited Users
  • + Unlimited Devices
  • + Unlimited Covers


  • + Booking System
  • + CRM System
  • + SMS & Email Marketing
  • + Unlimited Users
  • + Unlimited Devices
  • + Unlimited Covers
  • + Email/ SMS notifications


  • + Booking System
  • + CRM System
  • + SMS & Email Marketing
  • + Unlimited Users
  • + Unlimited Devices
  • + Unlimited Covers
  • + Email/ SMS notifications
  • + 24/7 Premium Support

Data you Need to Increase Revenue

  • Discover daily cover volume
  • Track your Bookings - monitor how full you are in the coming days
  • Trend Analysis - analyse patterns in customer data
  • Forward Planning - take action before it happens

How to take Online Bookings?

1 - Setup an account

Set up your account in under a minute. Once you have entered your details and created an account you can easily manage all aspects of your booking using the powerful dashboard. Our support team can help you get started.

2 - Update your booking details

Set available times for bookings or and enter key details for your customers to review before they book online.

3 - Share and start taking customers

Direct your customers to your Bookmate listing page or embed the booking form within your own website to start taking bookings online.

4 - Manage your Bookings

Edit session times, move customer bookings, take notes and manage your data with our powerful dashboard. Delight your customers with quick changes, booking confirmation and clear communication with automated emails and sms notifications.

5 - Monitor Progress

With the built-in Dashboard, you can check how many spots are still available to book with simple reports that will help you manage your sales and sign ups.

6 - Increase Sales

Re-target the existing customers and new customers collected within your CRM by taking advantage of our marketing plugins from SMS to Email.

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